Update on Spending

We spent some money the last few days.  Namely at the Pioneer and the farmer’s market.  We got 5 apples and two larges peaches at the farmer’s market for $6 (yowza, but they were worth it!), 4 bananas for a $1 and $2 worth of apples from my street fruit stand man, $10.39 for tofu, bread, a 1-lb bag of yellow split peas, an avocado and and eggs at the Pioneer.  The grand total spent for last week was: $26.53; coupled with the week before where we had 12.34 left over – we now have  $45.81 to spend this week.

Caveat!  We did have a busy week and went out to dinner twice and had to buy breakfast for work once.  It’s been a busy and somewhat stressful time as we’re getting ready to get hitched and so food shopping priorities are kind of going out the window.  However, we did make some great stuff this weekend.  Check out this tomato tart business:

tomato tart

While taking out the icecream maker from the freezer on Saturday (to make peach frozen yogurt), I discovered a lump of frozen dough.  I wasn’t sure if it was pizza dough or tart dough, but let it thaw.  When I saw that it wasn’t rising, I assumed it was a tart-like dough and proceeded to use the baby tomatoes we got in our friends’ CSA on Tuesday.  I rolled out the dough and placed it in my cast iron skillet, covered it with foil, weighed it down with rice and baked it at 375 for about 15 minutes.  I then took the toasted rice off the foil and cooked it in the rice cooker (delicious!).  While the dough was baking, I chopped the tomatoes in half and tossed with sea salt in a colander.  I let it drip a bit and then added some pepper and bits of chopped olives.  Sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on the crust, plopped the tomato mixture into the skillet and baked it at 400 until the dough was a golden brown and the tomatoes were sizzling – possibly 30-40 minutes or so.

Verdict: nom nom nom.


2 Comments on “Update on Spending”

  1. Sarah says:

    I bought a pint of grape tomatoes on my way home from work last night and made some into a tomato and feta salad. I’m hoping to roast the rest tonight to use with pasta. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. tinaspins says:

    Mmm, feta. That sounds good.

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