Cauliflower Pilaf

Another use for leftover rice. We chopped half a head of cauliflower, the stems from a bunch of chard (leaves used elsewhere) and a small onion, then sauteed them all in a bit of oil with a few pinches of rosemary and a splash of lemon juice and vinegar. Once the veggies had softened a bit, we added in about a cup and a half of rice left over from dinner a couple days ago. From there, we covered the pan and let the rice heat up and soak in some of the liquid – 10 minutes maybe. Quick and easy.

Refurbished Rice

What to do with a big leftover container of rice from Indian takeout? We reheated ours in a covered pan with a bit of water, adding a roasted delicata squash (washing and toasting the seeds separately) and some frozen and crumbled arugula, plus the leftover chutneys that came with the takeout. When everything was thoroughly cooked, we added the toasted seeds on top along with raita and mango chutney (also from the takeout).

Kale and Brown Rice Gratin

A little bit late in the posting, this dish accounted for a dinner and a couple of lunches last week. It was based a NYTimes recipe for Provencal Kale and Cabbage Gratin, but adjusted to fit what we had in the fridge. That meant nixing the cabbage and substituting pecorino for gruyere, as well as rosemary for the sage and thyme. We had a lingering crust of bread which we broke up and made into quick and coarse bread crumbs to put on top. In order to get the most bang for our buck, we also cut the kale stems up finely and included them in the dish (before the rest of the kale to make sure they were tender) rather than chucking them.

As a result of all this Our version looks a lot rougher around the edges than the professional gratin, but it was delicious autumn fare nonetheless.