Refurbished Rice

What to do with a big leftover container of rice from Indian takeout? We reheated ours in a covered pan with a bit of water, adding a roasted delicata squash (washing and toasting the seeds separately) and some frozen and crumbled arugula, plus the leftover chutneys that came with the takeout. When everything was thoroughly cooked, we added the toasted seeds on top along with raita and mango chutney (also from the takeout).

Di Fara’s

Here’s a great video on Di Fara’s, which is generally considered to be the best pizza joint in New York City (and perhaps the world?). It is of course located in Brooklyn.

Not that I really want to get into a debate on where everybody thinks the best pizza comes from – I just like this mini-documentary about a guy that has been hand-making every pizza in his shop for over 20 years, measuring by intuition, and making a name for himself by it.

More Money, Delicious Items

We just spent 2.99 on some tofurkey veggie sausages, which brings leaves us with $6.49 left to spend this week.  Granted we went to a dance gallery opening (cheese!  nuts! wine!) and Tina went out to dinner with an old friend at Kaz an Nous, an awesome little place in Prospect Heights where it’s BYOB with some DELICIOUS fare.  Seriously, if you’re in the neighborhood or vicinity at all, check it out (especially the escargots).