Seitan Piccata

Seitan Piccatta

This was actually from our homemade Valentine’s Day dinner.  It’s the seitan piccata recipe from The Candle 79 cookbook, but you can find it on the web here.  We added some simple sauteed asparagus (olive oil, asparagus, salt and pepper and lemon juice) and served it with mashed “potatoes’ – a.k.a. cauliflower.


Cake Time!

Thanks to my brother, I have a Saveur subscription.  Most of the time the features are all about meat, so I rarely partake, but the baking sections are usually amazing.  The latest issue focuses on Southern cakes and the cover photo of a slice of red velvet cake made me drool.  With my sister over on Saturday, we decided to have a little fun.  While not super frugal, one whole cake is pretty much the cost of a single slice at a restaurant so…BAKE!  We made a coconut cake on Saturday and a red velvet on Sunday…highly recommended.  The recipes were followed to the letter—except I recommending halving the frosting recipe.  There was way too much frosting for the coconut cake and I ended up halving the frosting for the red velvet with a lot left over, so unless you really want to load up your cake, half it!  Also, follow the 4 cake baking tips they offer – I think they made a huge difference.

Coconut Layer Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Recipe