Cake Time!

Thanks to my brother, I have a Saveur subscription.  Most of the time the features are all about meat, so I rarely partake, but the baking sections are usually amazing.  The latest issue focuses on Southern cakes and the cover photo of a slice of red velvet cake made me drool.  With my sister over on Saturday, we decided to have a little fun.  While not super frugal, one whole cake is pretty much the cost of a single slice at a restaurant so…BAKE!  We made a coconut cake on Saturday and a red velvet on Sunday…highly recommended.  The recipes were followed to the letter—except I recommending halving the frosting recipe.  There was way too much frosting for the coconut cake and I ended up halving the frosting for the red velvet with a lot left over, so unless you really want to load up your cake, half it!  Also, follow the 4 cake baking tips they offer – I think they made a huge difference.

Coconut Layer Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Recipe


10 Comments on “Cake Time!”

  1. cookiemomma says:

    WOW!!! Looks dangerously good

  2. Tina – I’m curious about your reasons for being a vegetarian but still eating dairy, considering the dairy animals go through the same amount, if not more, suffering.

    Don’t mean to be a downer, but am genuinely curious since I’ve followed your blog for awhile and think you are a very reasonable person.

    • tinaaar says:

      I’m a vegetarian for a number of reasons. The main one is that I couldn’t personally kill anything, except fish – which I do and I eat. In terms of dairy, I love it. I grew up summers drinking milk and homemade cheese from cows down the street from my grandparents’ house in Portugal and there was nothing wrong about the way they were treated. I may be naive to practices here from farmed dairy, but try to purchase and use items that I think are the best for me and my beliefs. I hope that clarifies some things (and BTW I am not talking for Phil – who co-writes this blog).

    • P says:

      For what it’s worth – my decision to become vegetarian (I don’t eat fish, btw) was rooted in discomfort with the idea of killing animals. I decided that since I would not kill an animal, I would not allow somebody else to do so in order for me to eat one. My understanding of political and environmental impacts of the meat industry developed later and I now count them among my reasons for staying vegetarian.

      As for veganism, I appreciate the point that the life of an animal in a dairy factory farm is no doubt full of suffering, though I think trying to compare levels of suffering between animals raised for meat or milk within industrial agriculture is not feasible or particularly relevant. I don’t know, however, that I feel that this suffering is intrinsically connected to the human use of eggs and dairy rather than to our system of industrial agriculture, which I believe is categorically unethical for several reasons, animal welfare among them.

      As such, there’s a significant degree to which buying conventional dairy and eggs does not fit with my sense of ethics and as Tina said, we do our best to source our products in a way that is consistent with our values. Nevertheless, living in a big city and existing within corporate capitalism, there are times when our ideals and our practices aren’t in sync. This sort of compromise occurs not just with food, of course, but with all types of consumer goods that are produced under exploitative labor conditions or to the detriment of our environment.

      On a sidenote, I also appreciate the consent argument for veganism – especially for its consistency. However, while I believe there’s a moral imperative to limit the suffering of non-human animals as we would for humans, I’m just not sure I agree that we should apply the same standards for consent to both groups.

      • Thanks for the responses guys – always nice to get a viewpoint from thoughtful people (as in, anyone who’s reason is only “because I love cheese!”)

  3. food4five says:

    Oh those look so good. I have Saveur too and have been wondering about whether we could make those cakes. I think my daughter and I have some baking to do!

  4. In the south (I live in Georgia, USA) cake is a delivery system for the frosting. The cake has to be moist and flavorful, but the frosting is what people tell their friends about!

  5. tinaaar says:

    This frosting IS abnormally amazing….there is a LOT of it too. I like the cake being a delivery system for frosting!

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