Cake Time!

Thanks to my brother, I have a Saveur subscription.  Most of the time the features are all about meat, so I rarely partake, but the baking sections are usually amazing.  The latest issue focuses on Southern cakes and the cover photo of a slice of red velvet cake made me drool.  With my sister over on Saturday, we decided to have a little fun.  While not super frugal, one whole cake is pretty much the cost of a single slice at a restaurant so…BAKE!  We made a coconut cake on Saturday and a red velvet on Sunday…highly recommended.  The recipes were followed to the letter—except I recommending halving the frosting recipe.  There was way too much frosting for the coconut cake and I ended up halving the frosting for the red velvet with a lot left over, so unless you really want to load up your cake, half it!  Also, follow the 4 cake baking tips they offer – I think they made a huge difference.

Coconut Layer Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Recipe


Apple and Olive Oil Cake

Apple Olive Oil CakeCake

Intrigued after reading this article, I decided to search the web for a few of Chef Ottolenghi’s recipes to try out before deciding to buy his latest cookbook.  I found his Apple and Olive Oil Cake via More Than Burnt Toast and made it the other night – DELICIOUS!  Thank you internet, I think I may buy his book now.

I made a few changes to the recipe – namely I just used 3 whole eggs instead of the egg white route and used homemade vanilla extract instead of a vanilla bean.  Maybe the cake would have been fluffier with the egg whites, but it rose well enough for me.  I also only used 2 large granny smith apples and felt that was enough with the amount of batter.  The topping was just some coconut I sprinkled on before popping it into the oven and it only needed an hour of baking time.  The cake is moist and light – surprising because of the apple pieces.  Perfect with tea or even for breakfast!

King Arthur’s Chocolate Cake Pan Cake

Thank you King Arthur Flour for this amazingly moist, easy and delicious cake!

I made this in celebration of Phil’s return from a work retreat and it is super simple.  The King Arthur’s Baker’s Banter Blog runs through the recipe, step-by-step, so head over there for great instruction.

I also whipped up a peanut butter frosting – a bit of peanut butter, some powdered sugar and coffee – whipped until smooth, spread on top and then saved for later use.

easy PB frosting