Rich, Buttery Greens

Earlier in the week I was craving some deep, rich, earthy, leafy greens for dinner. As we were swinging by the grocery store anyway, I availed myself of the opportunity to pick up a big bunch of collards. Didn’t need to do anything fancy with them – just diced a small onion and a few cloves of garlic and sauteed those up in half a tablespoon of butter and half a glug of olive oil. On a whim, I also sliced up one of the Italian frying peppers we brought home from the garden and threw it in there.

After everything in the pan had begun to soften, I turned down the heat a bit, threw the collards (ribbed and chiffonaded first, of course) on top and covered the pan. After a couple minutes, I mixed everything up with some tongs and let it cook uncovered until the greens were all dark and wilted, but not too limp or mushy.