Soup Made of Soup

phils soup

One thing about soup is that when you have some left over, you can often include those leftovers in the next soup you make. I mean, it might be a little dangerous to throw yesterday’s gazpacho into tomorrow’s miso, but if you’re just making some autumn vegetable and legume soups you shouldn’t run into too much friction.

This is a lentil and vegetable soup I made the other night – about a third of the volume is made up of the leftover yellow pea soup from last week. The new soup materials included the lentils, some carrots, potatoes, and our homemade veggie stock. Probably a dash of olive oil too, and of course some salt and pepper.

I served it with some spicy roasted wax beans (the last vestige of that CSA haul – hard to believe they lasted this long). For those, I just put the trimmed beans in a roasting pan with olive oil, red pepper flakes, lemon juice, some slivered almonds, and S&P and cooked them on 425 for…oh…15, 20 minutes?

We do have a receipt from my shopping trip yesterday, which we will post tomorrow. Due to some confusion about whether we had remaining bonus funds from last week, we (I) went over budget by a buck and change. We’re slipping here – looks like it’s about time somebody else took over this place for a couple week.

On that note, we’ve gotten many terrific offers for guest bloggers, but we’re still waiting until tomorrow night to decide, so let us know if you have an idea.


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