Seitan Buffalo Wings

Unfortunately, these were all eaten before we were able to take a pic!  I decided that the vegetarians at a Super Bowl party deserved some “meaty” deliciousness and made homemade seitan wings!  I used our normal seitan recipe to make them from scratch and just chopped up the seitan into very small bits instead of our usual steaks.  I then coated them with onion and garlic powder and fried them in a bit of olive oil.  Phil made the buffalo sauce out of butter, hot sauce, onion powder, salt and pepper, brown sugar, liquid smoke, lemon juice and some apple cider vinegar (phew!).  We cooked the sauce down over the wings and then ate them up with some homemade blue cheese dressing (plain yogurt, blue cheese, salt and pepper).  I definitely want to make them again and take a photo because they were pretty good looking!  Who needs football for wings? GO GIANTS!