Homemade Bread

Another reason to love the fall – homemade bread!  I made it with whole wheat flour, with a bit of vital wheat gluten and ground flaxseeds thrown in using the No-Time Method.


Vacation Time

We were on vacation, but are back in the States and ready to resume our $30/Week spending!  Seriously, where we went was more expensive than we could imagine.  Can you guess by the photos?

Better than animal crackers?

Phil ironing a tart we picked up from the market below.

If you haven’t figured it out by now….

So Many Tomatoes

We’ve got a bumper crop of tomatoes from the garden and were given a bunch by a co-worker who loves to garden and hates to cook.  Last night’s dinner featured a variation on a socca, white bean and couscous patties (leftovers)  with tomato sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes and baby eggplants and a raw green salad (garden bounty).

We spent $2.00 on peanut butter and .50 on 2 bananas (banana bread made w/leftover oatmeal), so we’ve got $3.00 left to spend this week

Truck Farm and Donuts

Because it’s a nasty day out and all I’ve done is stare at a computer screen and manipulate images, here are some food related photos from our various recent adventures.

Gardening in a truck – Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Voodoo Donuts!

Does anyone think these berries are edible?  We came across them during a hike up Multnomah Falls and decided not to eat them.

Crazy funghi!

Ragu is BACK!

With semi-cooler weather coming, we had a ragu for dinner out of garden tomatoes, garden cabbage, diced onions, garlic, homemade veggie stock and a bunch of frozen things I found while cleaning out our freezer (a few veggie sausages, a very sad looking veggie burger and a piece of tempeh bacon – luckily bought just last week).

We basically let that delicious mess simmer for a while and then topped some pasta with it and topped the ragu with grated pecorino.

Garden Frittata!

Everything in this frittata (besides the eggs and a bit of butter) was grown in our garden!  We are very proud of our squash and tomatoes and herbs.  If only we had chickens!

On my way to the subway home, I bought 4 onions for $1 at a vegetable stand.  I also popped into Jack’s and got a packet of dried fruit and nuts, whole wheat pita bread and some chai/green tea for $3.  That brings us to $17.67 left for the week.

Black Beans and Avocado w/Grated Parm

This could actually be pecorino – not sure.  Pretty simple and good.