Storm Cooking

We prepped quite a bit for Hurricane Sandy and probably spent $30 bucks just getting some stuff as we just don’t know how long this storm will last and when our local supermarket will be open again.  So…a bunch of things were made.  It’s also Phil’s birthday today, so a great birthday dinner was in order.  If we couldn’t go out, we would dine in!  Phil’s birthday menu included: homemade bread, mock chicken liver pâté and deviled eggs for starters; roasted carrot and avocado salad (modified) as the first course; a vegetable tagine with couscous as the second course and a cherry cobbler for dessert (thanks Mike for making this earlier!).  Pictures to come!

Other things we made that we thought would keep in case the power went out included: black bean veggie burgers (the rest of the black beans are cooked and hanging out in broth for a number of other uses), whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, a number of hardboiled eggs, a frittata, chocolate chip cookies and the aforementioned birthday dinner stuff (we still have leftovers).  It probably sounds crazy, but everything was actually easy to put together and just used up a lot of dried good we already had.


4 Comments on “Storm Cooking”

  1. Rosie says:

    hi guys
    thinking of you, hope youre going ok with the storm.. sounds like youre well prepared to hang in there for a bit – delicious food! you must still have power to store it all thank heavens…

    bit of an adventure by the looks of it from here in south eastern Australia…

    go well

    • tinaaar says:

      So far, so good! We aren’t even on the evacuation map, thank goodness. A couple of flickering lights, but all is well! Thank you so much for commenting and wishing us well!

  2. nerdyveggiegirl says:

    Stay safe! Sounds like a wonderful meal to weather out the storm & keep your bellies warm =]

  3. Liz says:

    Hope you are okay. We in DC were relatively spared.

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