Tamago Sandwich

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making tamagoyaki for a while. Based on the recipes I’d seen online, it seemed pretty easy. I followed the method in this video, but substituting Bragg’s in place of soy sauce (out of necessity) and brown rice syrup in place of sugar (thought it would be better).

Structurally, it came out great. The omelet folded nicely and slid off the pan without a problem. In terms of flavor, I think soy sauce would have worked better than the Bragg’s. I also wish I had used a bit more rice syrup to get the sweetness that makes tamagoyaki so good. This tasted a bit more like your regular scrambled eggs. In any case, I decided to have it as a sandwich with lettuce, nayo, and horseradish. Recommended.

One Comment on “Tamago Sandwich”

  1. kelley says:

    Sounds and looks great!!! I have been looking for a few new egg recipes to take advantage of the cheap protein!!

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