This Week’s Receipt

Using up a bunch of our garden produce that we froze last week, frozen beans and staples from the cupboards, we’ve been pretty happy this week.

  • cilantro: $1.00 (Pioneer)
  • lemon juice: $0.99 (Pioneer)
  • yellow onions: $1.29 (Pioneer)
  • lettuce: $1.29 (Pioneer)
  • carrot: $0.25 (Pioneer)
  • cucumber: $1.00 (Pioneer)
  • couscous: $1.00 (Jack’s)
  • veggie burgers: $1.29
  • tomato paste: 1.69 (Whole Foods)
  • pinto beans: .89 (Whole Foods)

TOTAL: $10.69

$$$ Left: $19.31

What have we been eating?

hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast; pasta salad with garden greens; sauteed garden greens; lots of salad; veggie sausages (bought from Trader Joe’s a week or two ago); homemade veggie burgers (frozen/made with frozen beans) and tonight we’re having some people over for a dinner (more on that tomorrow!).

We also have to acknowledge some friends who gave us a dozen BEAUTIFUL eggs from their CSA share.  They’re going on vacation.  I am so excited about these eggs…THANKS!




One Comment on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Kat says:

    Your blog was posted as a link on a friend’s fb
    I’m intrigued by the concept! We live in Manhattan and are still figuring out how to garden in a little apartment, but going to join the revolution 🙂


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