This Week’s Receipt

We’re in the midst of a lot of stuff right now so….here’s this week’s receipt!

  • 6 rolls: 1.50
  • eggs: 1.75
  • grape tomatoes: 1.83
  • bag of carrots: 1.20
  • skim milk: 2.18
  • veggie sausages: 2.99
  • baby potatoes: 1.99
  • arugula: 1.99
  • mixed nuts w/dried cranberries and ginger: 4.99
  • cheese: 2.00
  • bananas: .38
  • sweet potato: .50
  • zucchini: 1.48
  • grapes: 1.00
  • TOTAL: 25.78

We’ve been really benefiting from our garden this year.  So far we’ve harvested a bumper crop of kale, chard, radish greens, lettuce and herbs.  Meals this week have included black bean veggie burgers (made with frozen bulk beans and rice we made weeks ago), many salads, pasta with kale, zucchini and sweet potato, hard boiled eggs and rolls (for breakfast), banana bread with nut mixture and baby potatoes cooked in foil with fresh garden herbs.  Happy summer folks!


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