Our Garlic

Last fall we planted some garlic bulbs and have spent the entirety of spring and early summer gazing upon the huge garlic scapes – waiting to get the go ahead to finally pick the garlic.  VOILA!  We’re very excited to start cooking with it!

our garlic from the garden


3 Comments on “Our Garlic”

  1. Amanda says:

    I always wondered how hard it was to grow your own garlic. Is there anything in particular that I should know? I live in Austin so I’m sure there will be extra watering since we hardly get rain. Any tips you can provide? I cook with garlic A LOT so having some on hand that is fresh would be awesome.

    • tinaspins says:

      Hi Amanda! For starters, you have to plant in the fall here (cooler weather) and then harvest in the summer. We basically planted a bunch of garlic cloves (root side down) about 6 inches apart in rows, watered and left them alone. In the spring we weeded and watered, but nothing too crazy. You’re supposed to harvest when the leaves are dead (meaning all of the nutrients go in the garlic). Not sure how it would be in Austin giving the difference in temperature, but I’m sure your local gardening store would know. This website has great tips on how to dry garlic as well.

  2. Molly says:

    Years ago, living in San Jose, we would go to Gilroy for the garlic festival. Driving past the fields of garlic, you could see they just rooted them all up and left them to dry in the sun, right on the dirt. The smell of garlic surrounded Gilroy for a good 15 miles. Yum!

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