Update on Spending

In search of cheap sushi supplies, I decided to hit Hong Kong Supermarket today and wasn’t disappointed!  A huge emporium of Asian goods, this place had a ton of stuff and I was a bit overwhelmed. We’re probably going to go overbudget this weekend…maybe not, but I did get a HUGE tub of miso and 50 sheets of nori – which were my only options.  The miso will last almost forever and the sheets of nori will keep in the fridge as well.  Sushi summer!

  • Mirin: 1.29
  • Nori: 6.99
  • Miso: 4.99
  • Mock dock: 1.29
  • Daikon: .50
  • Sprouts: .75
  • Chinese brocolli: 1.50
  • Tofu: 1.00 (from the Tofu lady on Bowery and Grand)
  • Lettuce: 1.29
  • Avocado: 1.36

TOTAL: 20.96 + $4 (total from earlier in the week) + $4 (bought canned beans, bread and pasta yesterday) = $28.96

$1.04 left!


2 Comments on “Update on Spending”

  1. Hi! I’m hijacking your idea & doing a $30 a week challenge. My goal is to (a.) use what I have, without waste (b.) figure out where I’m funneling my cash and (c.) generally manage my resources to best reach my goals & reduce my impact on the planet. Thanks for doing the work & planting the idea in my head. Since I live alone & don’t spend a lot more than that anyway, it won’t be a huge pinch, but in observing the grocery budget I will also watch other areas. Plus, I have seven pets. THEY have a huge food budget…… Thanks!

  2. tt in nyc says:

    !!!! I love those rude tofu ladies on the corner of grand!! I love more the fact that their three huge chunks for a buck has been the same price for the last five years!

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