Pizza Party and Receipt Update

Cherry Pizza

This past Sunday, we had a few friends over for a pizza party.  Toppings included cherry, arugula and mascarpone (pictured and inspired by Readymade); anchovies, capers, olives, tomato sauce and mozzarella; fresh dill, feta and beets; and the works – olives, capers, scallions, mozzarella, tomato sauce and feta.  Thanks to friends for toppings and Jack Bishop for our go-to pizza dough recipe.

In terms of $$ spending, we used the last of our money from last week on a tiny block of feta.  This week, we”ve just spent $4 on eggs, flour and onions.   There have been a variety of work events that have provided some extra food to the household, so we’ve been using up our pantry and veggies from the fridge.  Probably doing some shopping tonight though.

6 Comments on “Pizza Party and Receipt Update”

  1. Sarah says:

    Your pizza looks absolutely delicious. Thank you for linking to the crust recipe, too:-).

  2. City Share says:

    Yum, the pizza looks fabulous. I have never thought of using beets. Great idea!

  3. Cabbage Rose says:

    I’ve been a longtime reader and fan of your blog! I just wonder about one thing because I’ve seen it mentioned several times… guests contributing ingredients to a meal. Do you ask your guests to bring ingredients? I guess I’m just wondering about the mechanics. “Please bring an onion?” I hope this doesn’t sound snarky, not my intention. Just trying to think of how I’d ask myself.

    • tinaspins says:

      Not snarky – good question. If we’re having a major dinner party, budget constraints tend to go out the window (see our about page), BUT we have done dinner parties within our budget. When we have people over we generally say, hey bring dessert or bread and cheese! Or hey, we’re making pizza, bring all the toppings you want and a salad, or whatever. Most people want to share, so it’s usually okay to ask for a particular dish or just to say, you make fabulous tomato sauce, bring it and I’ll make homemade pasta. Done and done. No stress should be had when eating food with friends, just lots of wine.

  4. Brittany says:

    I like your blog but do have a question for you and in all sincerity am not trying to be rude. You say your recipes are 100% vegetarian, but you said you used anchovies on this pizza. Did you find some “fake” anchovies or do you not personally consider fish to be part of your vegetarian diet?

    • tinaspins says:

      Sometimes I (Tina) eat fish and our friends brought over the toppings. Phil is 100% vegetarian and we don’t normally cook fish in the house. That said, anchovies on a pizza isn’t really cooking fish either.

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