Peanut Noodles with Garlic Scapes

Things in the garden plot are really starting to shoot up. Pretty soon we’ll have a whole mess of kale, chard, beets, and purple pole beans. For the time being, however, the garlic cloves we planted last fall have just produced big, beautiful scapes. I harvested a few of them last night and we threw them in (fine chopped) into some peanut noodles.

The peanut sauce was homemade, and mostly leftover from a dinner last week – we had to add some extra water and vinegar to loosen it up. After mixing the sauce into some whole wheat noodles, we just dumped in the scapes along with some chopped up veggie chic patties (not that frugal) and black sesame seeds.

3 Comments on “Peanut Noodles with Garlic Scapes”

  1. Danielle says:

    Could you provide a recipe? I’ve been on the search for a good peanut sauce recipe.

    • P says:

      I’m not sure what exactly Tina used for this particular sauce – maybe she can chime in – but for a basic peanut sauce I usually just mix ingredients to tasts/consistency. Just start with peanut butter and add small amounts of tamari, rice vinegar, and maybe a little sriracha, mixing really well as you go. When you get a flavor you like, you may have to thin it out with some peanut or sesame oil and/or water until it gets to the appropriate consistency.

  2. Jenny says:

    Last year we got scapes in our CSA basket- First, I tossed them in a stir fry- sliced thin like a green onion- then I tried to put them in a pesto- both times, they seemed very woody- especially in the stir fry- I would have thought they would have cooked and softened- Is this normal or did I get a bad bunch?

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