This Week’s Receipt

It’s wedding season…we’ve been busy traveling, so many apologies for the lack of posting.  Anyways, here’s this week’s receipt so far:

Pioneer Supermarket, 6/6/2011

  • 1 qt plain yogurt: 2.99
  • 4 rolls: 1.00
  • Romain lettuce: 1.29
  • 1lb dried black beans: 1.59
  • red potatoes: 1.57
  • bag of yellow onions: 1.29
  • red cabbage: 1.42
  • beets: .72
  • kale: .76
  • carrots: .58
  • scallions: .50
  • bananas: 1.23

TOTAL: $14.94


With that, we’ve made an Asian-inspired coleslaw (shredded carrots, cabbage, black sesame, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil), roasted red potatoes and onions, black bean burgers and from the pantry some homemade granola to have with yogurt and bananas for breakfast.

3 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Sarah says:

    You’re inspiring! I was proud of myself for spending just under $63 for this week’s groceries. You put me to shame!

  2. Dinah says:

    Just thought that I would let you know that I find your blog very inspiring. $30 a week is an incredible budget, I think it equates to about £18 per week here in the UK. I know you get a discount shopping at Park Slope (that featured in a documentary aired here in the UK when a Brit tried to set up a co-op in London), but even so, that’s an incredible budget to stick to. We’re spending approximately that amount, but we have the benefit of an allotment (type of community garden) plot that helps stretch the pennies. Anyway, my main purpose for posting was to say that your recipe for ‘Orzo with Mushrooms, hazelnuts, parsley and tofu’ (Sept 19, 2008) was the inspiration for our dinner tonight. We went with meditteranean flavourings, but that post was the initial inspiration! Thanks.

    • tinaspins says:

      Wahoo! Thanks for the kind words to both Dinah and Sarah and I’m glad you riffed on the orzo Dinah! I forget how tasty and easy it is to cook – a boon in the heatwave NYC is having right now!

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