Loafin’ Around

Put this impromptu veggie meatloaf together the other night. I took a couple cups of cooked lentils, some rehydrated dried mushrooms (diced), chopped carrots and onion, and a couple of eggs and mixed them up with salt and pepper in a loaf dish with salt and pepper. Deciding it needed a bit more loafitude, I also put in about half a cup of flour. Baked in uncovered on 350 for about half an hour. For the last 10 minutes, I covered the top in a thin layer of ketchup to get that nice tomatoey crust.


3 Comments on “Loafin’ Around”

  1. Mathew says:

    So you chop and dice the vegetable ingredients and then add the eggs and flour. How wet is this before it goes into the oven? Does it come out pretty firm once it is baked?

    Btw, I REALLY love your blog! I’ve been following it off and on for years and I appreciate everything.

    • P says:

      We tend to make these things on the fly rather than working from a standard recipe, so results can definitely vary. In this case, the mix was quite wet before going in the oven. Like pancake batter wet. When it came out it was firm enough that it could be sliced and put on a sandwich….so, hopefully that’s some indication.

      Glad you like the blog!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Lentil Loaf is a major staple in my vegetarian diet. I Always have it in the fridge. I use oats instead of flour. The oats gives it a really nice texture. I cook it in muffin tins so its portioned nicely. I eat this every day. I like it on tortillas (no ketchup) with hot sauce and black beans. I get 12 portions for about $1.75 which is AWESOME 😉

    I just found you blog. This is GREAT! Keep it up.

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