Receipt from LAST week

Here’s last week’s recap (we were out of town for the holidays, so not a lot of food!)

  • zucchini: 1.90
  • salad: 1.97
  • apples: 1.25
  • slivered almonds: .78
  • sugar snap peas: 1.06
  • spicy sprouts: 1.48
  • carrots: 1.20
  • collards: 1.50
  • red pepper: 1.18
  • tofu: 1.52
  • olive oil: 5.99

TOTAL: 19.83

This week’s receipt will come a little later!

2 Comments on “Receipt from LAST week”

  1. Amelia says:

    Could you list everything you cook one week? I love what you do, food prices here in the UK are sky rocketing especially if you want to eat ethical/local. Is this affecting you?

  2. ~K says:

    Hey, I am a new follower! Just wanted to let you know I am excited to read and follow your project and i posted about you guys in my own blog last night. 🙂


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