Root Vegetable Patties: Can’t Stop Til We Get Enough

Continuing on with the latke theme, we made a batch of potato turnip fritter/pancakes the other night. We basically used this recipe, but with onion instead of scallions and with some carrots added in for color. In order not to load ourselves down too heavily with oil, we just fried a few of them through and through, the rest got a very light frying in very little oil and were then baked until fully cooked.

We ate them with some bread and the salad below, which is mainly chickpeas, parsley, and chopped red and green peppers left over from a holiday party.

2 Comments on “Root Vegetable Patties: Can’t Stop Til We Get Enough”

  1. Saryn says:

    We were also inspired by the latkes and made a veggie version with zucchini, carrot, potato and onion. We served topped with an over easy egg. They were a big hit with the little members of the house too which is always a plus.

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