(Baked) Donuts

Traditionally your supposed to make fried things for Hanukkah, but we decided to offset the delicious latkes with some baked donuts. The recipe is an old one from 101 Cookbooks – check it out! The donuts are excellent right out of the oven and OK the next day, but they usually don’t last that long.


2 Comments on “(Baked) Donuts”

  1. Amy M says:

    I am currently reading through your blog from the beginning! Everything sounds sooo good! I am not currently a vegetarian, though I was for about 5 years. Me and my husband are both trying to lose weight and it appears from reading your meals I have realized even more how much we overeat! 1 dinner that should have leftovers gets eaten all at once. This is not good for our waistlines or our budget!
    We do not have a Co op in our area like you describe, but the local Seventh Day Adventist have a store with bulk bins of flours, dried fruits, herbs, pastas, etc… And their prices are decent. I may start shopping there again.
    I am going to try to incorporate some of your yummy meals into our routine. Thank you for the motivation to eat more mindfully!

  2. Amy M says:

    Gosh, from the looks of it you guys don’t usually miss this many days. Hope all is well. I get scared when I see lack of posts because I have a knack of finding blogs JUST as they are announcing the blog is ending… That would just make me sad!!

    Hope you guys are ok for real though! I have started reading from the beginning and already to Dec 2009. 🙂

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