Homemade “Tofurkey”

I saw this recipe on Chow the other day and immediately wanted to try making it for Thanksgiving – a homemade tofurkey!  I made everything the day before and then combined the tofu mixture and rice stuffing the day of Thanksgiving.  I also adapted the glaze to include some maple syrup and herbs.  The recipe is great and easy to make ahead.  It actually firmed up in the fridge and I think you could cook it, leave it in the fridge, glaze again and heat through the next day for a super-sliceable entree.

Our Thanksgiving meal included the above-Tofurkey, a real Turkey, garlic/chives mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with some mini-marshmallows, stuffing, salad, homemade corn-muffins, Brussels sprouts, veggie gravy, regular gravy asparagus and cranberry/orange sauce…YUM!

5 Comments on “Homemade “Tofurkey””

  1. Dori says:

    Looks great! The link doesnt work- any chance you could send over the correct one please?

  2. Daisy Mae says:

    Did this whole Thanksgiving dinner come out of your $30 a week budget?

  3. tinaspins says:

    @Dori, try the link now…it should work!
    @Daisy Mae, no the dinner took place at my parents’ house with lots of help from guests! Since we were out of town for the week, there will be an update of what we spent this week soon.

  4. susan says:

    have you had the packaged product?…how did it compare to this?…a reviewer on chow said it was really bad and they tossed it?….i’d be interested in knowing if you liked it because it is a fairly large expense for a meal if not very good.

  5. […] on the Tofurkey After reading a comment that Susan wrote on the Tofurkey post below and checking out all the Chow.com comments, I wrote a lengthy comment on Chow and thought I would […]

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