This Week’s Receipt

The Coop was a madhouse last night, so I just jumped in and got a few things.  I know we still had a bunch of veggie stock and some cooked black eyed peas in the fridge, so we were able to make some hearty soup with plenty of leftovers.  Plenty of oats left for breakfast and we still have some cabbage and onions from last week.




2 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Hi,

    This is Kelly formerly of Raw Food, Real People, I see you still have our link up but we haven’t posted on that site in forever….

    I’ve been reading somewhat irregularly (due to my stupid company blocking wordpress!), but am returning for inspiration now because our food bill has crept so high, maybe in part because of me justifying buying anything I want because I’m pregnant!

    But, I’m determined to get it under control especially because we’ll be really strapped once baby comes.

    Glad to see you guys are still dedicated to the $30/week!


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