Huevos Mexicanos

We had a friend over for brunch last weekend and came up with this lovely little egg dish, mostly with stuff we had around the kitchen already. What we have here is a homemade tortilla, with some black beans and sauteed turnip greens, and topped with an egg, over easy, plus some cilantro and avocado.

That less-than-photogenic drizzle in the front is some of our homemade hot sauce, which I failed to adequately shake up. Also, that bit of salsa on the side was made from our friend’s homemade salsa base our friend canned last summer. We just added cilantro and garlic to it.

p.s. It might look like the plate is dirty, but really it’s just the sun coming through our window which is, well, a bit dirty.

One Comment on “Huevos Mexicanos”

  1. Tammy Czelder says:

    That looks just gorgeous…nicely done. I’m a new reader and enjoying your blog

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