The Card Catalog and Beyond

Just a note to say that if you look over on the sidebar to the right, you’ll notice that we have started to shift toward organizing our posts with tags instead of the relatively antiquated and not-super-useful category system we’ve been employing for the past couple of years.

Hopefully the tag cloud over on the right will (eventually) provide an easy-to-scan index of different topics, recipes, etc. The transition, however, is going to take a little time as we will have to go back through two years worth of posts and apply some tags to them.


2 Comments on “The Card Catalog and Beyond”

  1. Diane says:

    Personally, I far prefer categories to “cloud tags,” hipness not withstanding. I find that cloud system confusing and visually aggressive. I must be in the minority though as many people are starting to use those tags.

    Love the blog though!

  2. Sandy says:

    The cloud tags are o.k. but I really miss the magic box that appeared over your links with a little synopsis of the current topics. So little time, so much to read, and I’m really thrifty with my energy.

    Love the blog!!!

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