Sauteed Collards with Sage

Feeling a little decadent, I started by sauteing onions and sage in butter, then added the collards (julienned) and a red pepper (chopped). Served over Israeli couscous, cooked in veggie stock with some sage added in there as well. We had some mango pickle on top, which was sort of incongruous, but frankly we can’t stop eating that stuff. I think we’re going to finish the quart jar by next week.

2 Comments on “Sauteed Collards with Sage”

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  2. Sanura says:

    Hello! I love the idea of using sage with collards. I will try using sage with the kale received from the CSA. I see you’re in Brooklyn, so if you ever need some sage, send me an email. Sage is one of my healthiest herbal plants.

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