Some Foods that are Orange/Yellow

What we have here is baked spaghetti squash with a sauce made from yellow tomatoes, lobster mushrooms (dried, from Chinatown, rehydrated in homemade veggie stock), onion, and rosemary, all sauteed in olive oil, covered, for a good half hour. Added a hard-boiled egg on top for some protein. The squash was baked whole at 375 for about an hour, rotating every 15 minutes or so.


2 Comments on “Some Foods that are Orange/Yellow”

  1. Tara says:

    When you cooked the squash… you just put the entire thing in the over for an hour (not cutting it in half and taking out the seeds)?

    I have never tried it that way and I just wanted to double check.

    • P says:

      It worked for me. I just punctured the skin a few times and stuck the whole thing on a baking dish. I did have to seed it after it was done baking. I suppose that might have been easier to do when it was raw, but it seems like the flesh might dry out more if you baked it after cutting it in half.

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