Labor Day Dinner

After spending some quiet time with the folks, we came back to Brooklyn with a bounty of vegetables.  Tonight’s dinner was simple: roasted string beans with garlic, roasted fennel, chopped garden tomatoes with salt and truffle oil, some toasted bread and a variety of jams.


5 Comments on “Labor Day Dinner”

  1. Daisy Mae says:

    My that looks yummy!

  2. City Share says:

    That’s a great selection of veggies. Looks great!

  3. I’m just visiting your site for the first time, today… The veggies look great here, but I’m wondering: where’s the protein? Did you eat some earlier in the day, perhaps?

  4. tinaspins says:

    We had some cheese with dinner and earlier in the day had some veggie burgers at a Labor Day BBQ. We definitely get our protein in with eggs, dairy, soy, beans, seitan and tempeh!

  5. Sweet, that’s exactly what I used to be scanning for! You simply saved me alot of trying around

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