New Receipt!

We’ve been out of town for summer vacation.  Could you tell?

Back and in business folks!  Here is this week’s rundown.

Fresh Farmer’s Cheese: 1.70

Great Northern Beans: 1.45

Tofu: 1.45

Eggs: 2.50

Plum Tomatoes (very foolish, as we just got a lot from the garden): .92

Kirby Cucumbers: 1.58

Purple Kale: 1.67

Salad: 2.88

Peaches: 1.17

Fennel: 1.62

Red Pepper: .63

Apples: 1.29

Scallions: .48

Eggplant: 2.51

Cousa Squash: .61

Sugar Baby Watermelon: 1.75

TOTAL: 24.21

Add $2.50 for 4 rolls and some horchata mix from the Pioneer.



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