More Spending!

Walked through the Union Square Farmer’s Market this morning and snagged some gorgeous looking parsley and a bunch of radishes ($2 TOTAL!).  We also bought some bread, scallions and a dozen eggs last night for $2.98 – I used a coupon for the eggs, which was great!  Total amount for the week so far is $9.98.

Since it is once again super hot and humid, we’ve been making lots of salads and sandwiches for dinner.

Specifically, we have had cold curried carrot soup, tomato tart, baked tofu and potatoes, salad, black-eyed peas w/vegetables and muesli.


One Comment on “More Spending!”

  1. Daisy Mae says:

    Jeesh – I wanna live where you live. My eggs are $3-4 per dozen. And it’s near impossible to find bread for under $3 per loaf (which is why I make most of my own). So bread, eggs and scallions would end up costing me $7-8.

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