What We’re Cooking

Over the weekend we spent $6 on a mango, 4 rolls, orange juice and limes. That leaves us with $32.02 going into this week and I purchased olive oil, blueberries, bananas, and tofu this morning, spending $10.65.  21.67 left for the week.

We’ve been getting a few comments asking us to post meal plans.  Since we don’t plan our meals for the week, I’m just going to put down what we ate/might plan to eat and see what happens.  Our method while shopping is to get the freshest produce at the cheapest price, getting/using staples like whole grains and nuts, utilizing what’s in the kitchen already, and going from there.


Breakfast: Mango and cereal

Lunch: Vegetable frittata (pic to come!) and tomato and basil salad

Dinner: ??? We have brown rice, barley and Israeli couscous in the cupboard, tomatoes and herbs from the garden, aforementioned tofu, cooked white beans, eggplant, Chinese spinach and some carrots in the crisper and a ton of frozen vegetable stock and some frozen peas.  Since it’s supposed to hit 91+ with the humidity today, you can be sure that we won’t really be turning on the oven tonight, so we’ll probably make a vegetable salad or a quick stir-fry or get some bread and have sandwiches with gazpacho….the possibilities abound!


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