Chinatown in the Morning: Updates on Spending

Decided to get some produce from Chinatown this morning as I’m home late tonight.  We’ve been eating some vegetables from the garden (collards, tomatoes and tonight, a squash!) and Phil got some things from the Pioneer last night that totaled $8.60, so I think we’re set for the rest of the week.  Phil bought plantains, red onion,cilantro, 4 rolls, ketchup and Fresca – a guilty pleasure.

Today’s haul at Chinatown came in at $10 and included the following (pictured above):

  • Chinese celery: $1.50
  • Chinese spinach: $1.50
  • Japanese eggplant: $1.50
  • Smoked tofu: $3.00
  • Blueberries: $1.50
  • Cherry tomatoes: $1




TOTAL: 24.55

We’ve got $5.45 left to spend, plus the $2.57 from last week, so we’re in great shape.


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