Bean Burgres and Plaintains con Mojo

Made a version of my bachelor burgers for dinner last night, but with barley instead of oats or NYF. Also, I had a couple eggs on hand, which I threw in as a binder. The great thing about our homemade veggie burger is that it’s supremely versitile – you can basically use any staple grain and any type of bean (you might even be able to branch out into other proteins, though you’d have to monitor texture closely). Throw in some minced onion, some herbs, garlic, whatever you want.

I baked these guys in the oven, rather than pan frying, because our good frying plan was occupied with some plantains that I cooked con mojo – the way we usually do yucca – rather than a more typical maduros recipe. A simple side salad pulled it all together.


One Comment on “Bean Burgres and Plaintains con Mojo”

  1. I can’t wait to try your veggie burger recipe!
    I too prefer things that are versatile and involve more throwing things together than measuring them out exactly 🙂

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