Garden Updates

First tomato is peeping! We’ve gotten to this point before and ended up heartbroken, so I’m trying to remain restrained. But look at the little guy.

Cabbage situation is coming to a head. Rimshot!

This is the major story of our garden plot so far: squash plants are bullies. From just a couple of seends, our squash plants now have leaves the size of dinner plates and a couple of vines as big around as hotdogs. They’re taking over, and potentially keeping our beets, carrots, and tatsoi from getting the light, water, and nutrients they need. When somebody tells you that squash plants need a lot of room, believe them.

We’ve also just set up our trellis, which we hope will allow our tomatoes and one of our squash plants to grow upward. More pictures of that to come.


6 Comments on “Garden Updates”

  1. monicascott says:

    Yay gardening! Everything looks beautiful. Great photos too! Do you guys have a drip irrigation set-up or do you have to go there every few days to water things?

  2. tinaspins says:

    We go there Tuesdays, Thursdays and then Saturday or Sunday (or both) to water. Thanks expert lady!

  3. Your squash made me a little teary, only because every year I try to grow some variety of squash on my balcony and it never takes. In all honesty this year’s second go was planted today and I’m still holding out hope. Your garden is beautiful and I’m smitten!

  4. tinaspins says:

    Good luck with the second round! I was amazed at the squash in the ground – we tried to grow it on a balcony 2 years ago and were unsuccessful. I think they need a LOT of room to grow.

  5. Janice Cook says:

    gardener’s supply company sells a cucumber fence so the squash can climb up that and the cucumbers fall through the holes and are easier to spot when it’s harvest time (it wasn’t fun to dig through the vines and get scraped by the prickly cucumbers plus, as you noted, squash can take up a lot of space). anyways, the cucumbers grow up the fence and you plant lettuce/arugula under the fence so it saves space. plus, the theory is that the cucumber plant will shade the lettuce and lengthen the growing season once the weather starts to get warm. just wanted to pass it on. this was an addition to our CT garden this year that we were happy with.

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