First Harvest

I collected our first produce from the community garden today – a bunch of radishes and some baby beet greens.

Looking pretty bountiful, no? But these radishes are hiding a sinister secret. They have fallen victim to our old nemesis, the squirrel. True to form, the varmint took bites out all but one of our radishes. Some just had a couple of surface nibbles, but some were thoroughly cored-out.

Why not just eat one whole radish and leave us the rest, rodent? WHY? Ultimately, I was able to save at least some part of all but one radish by cutting out the bitten areas. Still, we probably lost about half of our total radish mass. Bummer.

I harvested the beet greens (untouched by squirrels) in order to thin out our row of beets, none of which were getting very big. We planted them a bit late in the season, and it got hot out quite early this year – not ideal for beets. So, we may end up with just beet greens, not actual beets.


3 Comments on “First Harvest”

  1. seth says:

    that looks like slug damage to me, although my slugs eat my strawberries, not my radishes.

    beet greens are better than beets anyway. celebrate them….

  2. Chef Aimee says:

    I am sorry about the garden…definitely see if you can leave a bowl of beer near the garden if its slugs…if its squirrels, try and get a fence?

  3. […] they were in perfect shape for harvesting yesterday. Or rather, they would have been, except that once again, our radish crop has been ravaged by some varmint. Out of about a dozen radishes, all but one […]

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