More Purchases

The fruit stand guy by my work had avocados, 2 for $1 today, so I totally took advantage.  I also got a bunch of cilantro, scallions and a head of cabbage at the local green grocer for $2.75 and lemons and limes for another $2.  Total spent today: $5.75 + 15.30 = $21.05

Total left for the week: $8.95

Tonight I made some brown rice that I simmered in water with turmeric, cumin and paprika which I then added black beans (cooked earlier in the week), a chopped onion and a bunch of garlic.  I added all that while the rice still had some bite to it.  I also quickly sauteed some of the yellow squash with garlic and made some guacamole with onion, cilantro and an avocado.  To top it all off, I made some whole wheat tortillas.


4 Comments on “More Purchases”

  1. Avocados 2/$1? Lucky you!

  2. nir says:

    Is there a trick to making whole wheat tortillas that are flexible? I love tortillas but can’t get them to come out right.

  3. Diane says:

    I make rotis, which are pretty much the same as whole wheat tortillas and my tricks are 1. using chappati flour 2. Not over-cooking – too high a heat and they get stiff – you want to just cook quickly enough and not over-singe 3. Letting dough rest an hour before rolling it out.

  4. tinaspins says:

    I feel like I should have bought MORE avocados, but didn’t think it would be great to eat a 4/6 in a week.

    As for the tortillas, I think not overcooking them is a big deal – just try to lightly brown each side. I also let the dough rest for abut a 1/2 hour before rolling them out (covered with a plastic wrap). After I cooked them, I put the in a ceramic bowl with a lid that also kept them somewhat moist and pliable.

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