Spending Spending

Phil’s doing the Coop shop tonight, but we needed some things for dinner yesterday.  Instead of going to the Pioneer, I went to this small fruits & vegetable store by our apartment because the produce looks better.  Turns out the price was right too!

  • 2 rolls: .50
  • lettuce: 1.00
  • 2 (huge) sweet potatoes: 1.00
  • carrots: .40
  • cabbage: .75
  • TOTAL: $3.65

We had homemade black bean veggie burgers, sweet potato oven fries and some red cabbage/carrot slaw for dinner last night.


6 Comments on “Spending Spending”

  1. Jenny says:

    It would be really interesting to see a breakdown of the products you buy and the price each serving costs in your meal – if you want:)

  2. tinaspins says:

    Golly. That might take some more doing than we want, but for a quick breakdown, the slaw cost $1.15 in raw veggies, so about .29 per serving (not counting the tiny bit of olive oil, vinegar and spices used).

  3. Diane says:

    This is my favorite baked sweet potato “fry” recipe. I make up a bunch of the spice mixture & make these at least once a week.


  4. treesabird says:

    mm, sweet potato fries sound yummy!

    Do ya’ll get a discount at the coop/pioneer on fruits and veggies? I thought I read somewhere that one is a co-op or something of the sort, but I can’t find it… your groceries seem cheaper, but I understand you’re also buying only a week’s worth of stuff…

    Just wondering if these reciepts are good measures for my own/others’ weekly spending (geography aside)!

    • tinaspins says:

      The Park Slope Food Coop is a members-only food coop, in order to shop there, you have to work there. Because their workforce is (mostly) made up of volunteers, they don’t have to pay staff. Which then lets those savings trickle down to the actual food it sells. You can definitely find out more information at their site foodcoop.com. There is no discount at the Pioneer – it’s just a supermarket.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog! I am trying to get together a cooking class for lower income moms. I want to show them that you can cook healthy meals cheap. I think it will be alot of fun, and you have given me some great recipes, thanks.

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