A Soup Most Dangerous

Wanted a hot comforting dinner for the cold, wet weather we’ve been having this week. What better than lentil soup, right? I started by chopping up a couple of onions and caramelizing them in olive oil. Only, I left the kitchen for a little bit and some of them got a little, shall we say, blackened. No matter. I put in some garlic and carrots, cooked them for a bit and then added the (homemade) broth and red lentils. At this point, I thought I’d get a little creative. First, I added a couple spoonfuls of buckwheat honey, I thought the sweet, earthy flavor might make the flavors a bit richer. Then I decided I’d add some paprika – a little spicy, a little smoky, a little sweet. It might just be the missing link for this soup. I poured in two healthy spoonfuls, stirred it up, and let the lentils finish cooking.

The first test taste revealed an extra little something – the subtle flavor of molten lava. Turns out that the unmarked container of red powder at the front of the spice cabinet was cayenne, not paprika. I tried to cut the burning by adding a healthy dollop of (also homemade) yogurt to each bowl, but this remained a truly weapons grade lentil soup. Our sinuses were seriously cleared out, especially since I had nothing but matzoh to sop it up with.

Can’t win ’em all.


6 Comments on “A Soup Most Dangerous”

  1. Jenny says:

    Gotta love a lil spice every once in a while;)

  2. Tammy says:

    Sounds interesting. I hope it didn’t scorch your tastebuds.

  3. Nadia Payan says:

    Can you still use your tongues?! 🙂

    Sinus-clearing foods are great every so often.

  4. Thanks for being honest about a disastrous dinner. I once made this pasta recipe that asked you to add the de-zested (is that a word?) slices of lemon into the sauce while it simmered to impart lemon flavor. Well, instead of lemon flavor, it imparted this terrible bitterness. I guess I should have known because the zest was removed. It was inedible.
    Hey, I love your website and I’ve been a reader for a long time. I put you on my blogroll on my website. Is that ok? Hope you don’t mind…

  5. janie says:

    i love this post. i sometimes go a little overboard with the sriracha sauce and have this very same problem. such a dilemma with what to do when the soup that normally would be good and great if not for the burning fiery molten liquid in your bowl;)
    your posts are great and I love following you guys,

  6. Krystal says:

    This is a great site. Something for me get some inspiration to eat on thirdy doallor a week. It would be neat to see if I can eat on 60 bucks a week for me and my fiance.

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