No Son Pelotas de Matzoh

‘Tis the season for dough ball soup. Generally this would mean Passover’s traditional eggy, oniony, parsley-y matzoh ball soup (one of my favorites), but before the we get into the holiday proper, we warmed up with this kitniyot-laden recipe for black bean soup with masa harina dumplings.

Though we were initially inspired by this recipe by Lazy Smurf, our version was substantially pared down for budgetary reasons. For best results, I’d recommend checking the link above for guidelines.

We had cooked the black beans ahead of time in the pressure cooker, so I started by chopping up a red onion and sauteing most of it in olive oil, along with a few cloves of minced garlic and a diced jalapeno. After the onions softened, I added a handful of chopped cilantro (leaving some for garnish), let that cook for a minute, then poured in some homemade vegetable broth and the beans. While the broth heated to a simmer, I mixed the masa dough as described LS, except that we didn’t have enough masa so I had to sub in some wheat flour. I expect this ultimately made the dumplings heavier than they should have been. Once the soup was simmering, I added the dumplings, let cook for 10 minutes, then served with some extra raw onion and cilantro on top.


One Comment on “No Son Pelotas de Matzoh”

  1. Ashley says:

    Yum…brilliant! I’ll be trying this out before the week is out! 🙂

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