An Answer to a Commenter

In response to Jenny’s query on how we can make our current receipt fulfill our meals for the week, I started to write a response and realized it could be a post.  So here are some (not all) ideas that I quickly thought up for making meals from our receipt with the caveat that we still have some odds and ends in the pantry and fridge to make full meals.

  1. Making a daal with the lentils, served over rice and crispy cooked onions
  2. Black bean soup
  3. Black beans with homemade tortillas, scallions and some salsa (possibly still good) hidden in the fridge
  4. Veggie burgers with a mix of the left-over beans
  5. Vegetable spiral pasta with lemon, olive oil and parsley (the checkout person mixed up cilantro w/parsley – parsely being cheaper by 50 cents, but oh well)
  6. Stir fried tofu and chard w/a grain from the cupboard (Israeli couscous, brown rice or millet)
  7. Shredded Carrot and Currants Salad
  8. Regular salad
  9. Egg and mushroom frittata
  10. Something w/egg and puff pastry (which I don’t know is even good anymore – it’s been in our freezer for possibly over a year)
  11. Muffins w/slivered almonds and whatever else we have in the house
  12. Apple bread or something equally breakfasty
  13. These donuts

6 Comments on “An Answer to a Commenter”

  1. Daisy Mae says:

    When you do your weekly shopping – do you have a menu in mind for the week? Or do you buy “what looks good” and figure it out from there?

    I’ve been following along for about a month now. I’ve been trying to get a handle on how much we spend of groceries, trying to reduce the size of my pantry, trying to make an effort to eat all those things I canned last summer. About a month ago, I decided I would only buy “essentials” – I kept a running tally of fresh fruit/veggie/dairy and a “pantry” tally. Unfortunately I still spent more on pantry items than fresh items – but I’m working on it.

    We’re a family of 3 (have a 5 year old). My goal is to get to $50 a week on groceries. I put an emphasis on fresh and local. We’re not vegetarian, but we don’t eat a lot of meat – less than 2 lbs per week for the family.

    • tinaspins says:

      We go by the “what looks good” and what is cheapest credo. For example, broccoli was $1.48 a bunch on 2/24 and this week was $2.48, so I bought the chard instead.

      Is there a place where you can get items in bulk? I find that’s how we save a lot of money on our pantry items. Good luck! And let us know how you are dealing with your budget!

  2. Daisy Mae says:

    I gave up my BJ’s membership – since I was buying too much crap. Seriously – do I need 40 lbs of pasta in my pantry?

    I’m sure there are some food coops around here. But, I’ve found a grocery store I like – there prices are good, they have lots of local produce. I go to the Farmers Market. And we have a decent size garden in the summer.

    I struggle with “convenience” food/snack food. With my 5 year old – she still needs to be fed 5 times a day – 3 meals and 2 snacks. Things like Trader Joes cheese sticks or cereal bars are so easy – especially when we are eating on the run. But they are expensive. So I’ve started making muffins – as opposed to tea breads – and keeping them in the freezer. And this summer, when I can my fruit, I’m going to pack a lot of it in 4 oz or 8 oz jars.

    • P says:

      Regarding bulk shopping – it’s isn’t “bulk” in terms of huge packages of food (like BJ’s or similar stores), but rather shopping for non-packaged dry goods (i.e., flour that you scoop out of a big bin into a free/reuseable bag).

      The latter type of bulk shopping generally allows you to get cheaper staples because you don’t pay for packaging, etc. and only have to buy as much as you need.

  3. jacqui says:

    Hey thanks for that – some good ideas there….quick and easy too!

  4. Diane says:

    I think the puff pastry should be fine. If not you can do what I do to jazz up vegies – cobbler-type topping, or fold it into a turnover made from basic pie dough.

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