Some Things We Ate Last Sunday

This is a couple days late, but I wanted to put up a post about cobbling some decent meals together at the end of the week in order to both stick to out budget and keep leftover perishables from going to waste.

Tina spent the last two bucks of our weekly budget on a couple smallish hunks of cheese – one simple cheddar, one havarti with horseradish and chives (whoa). For Sunday breakfast, we used a couple remaining eggs to make an omlette, which we filled with the havarti and a whole bunch of chopped leftover parsley. Fresh and herby. On the side, we used the rest of our mixed greens and a carrot and a chopped pear for a little salad (again, using up the last of the weeks produce) and Tina made some quick homemade biscuits (only pantry staples needed).

Tina had a yen for Mexican food, so we heated up some leftover black-eyed peas (cooked for another meal earlier in the week) with lime juice and some chipotle peppers that time forgot in the back of our fridge (note: we stored them in an old jam jar, not the metal can they originally came in). In a fit of non-wastery, I decided just to use up all the leftover chipotles…this may have been overzealos. Along with the beans we cooked up some brown rice (pantry staple) and sauteed a remaining half an onion and a zucchini (the one major produce item left in the bin). We topped it with some shredded cheddar (see above) and the last remaining parsely, pretending that it was really cilantro.


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