This Week’s Receipt(s)

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but what with the Snowpocalypse and work, I haven’t had time – and still don’t.  I wasn’t able to scan this week receipts, so I will list things out.  Not as fun, I know.

  • black eyed peas: 1.40
  • Cashew pieces: 1.85
  • olives, garlic stuffed: 2.08
  • almonds, sliced: .96
  • eggplant: 1.58
  • goat cheese: 1.00
  • pears: 1.44
  • carrots: .51
  • shallots: .32
  • arugula: .91
  • salad greens: 2.02
  • cucumber: 1.07
  • soba noodles: 1.63
  • red onions: .38

(all the above bought at the Coop; total: 18.60)

  • cottage cheese: $1.00
  • shredded cheddar cheese: $1.00
  • marshmallows: $1.00
  • milk: $1.00

(All the above bought at Jack’s – I know, marshmallows? but this snowy weather calls for some hot cocoa!  As well as some mac-n-cheese, hence the other seemingly impulse buys at Jack’s –  Total: $4)

  • yeast: $1.99
  • tomato sauce $1.29

(Pioneer Supermarket – Total: 3.28)

Total for the week: $25.88

Grand total for the week


4 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt(s)”

  1. Gayle says:

    But marshmallows are so so so fun to make! Sure they turn out a little goofy-looking and square when homemade, but you can add cocoa. Chocolate marshmallows + Snomageddon = happily never leaving the house again… or at least a couple days.

  2. jmunnie says:

    I’ve been following your website for a while. So impressive! I recently joined the Coop. I can’t get out of there for less than $100 — too much (irresistible) cheese is the culprit.

    If you find the time, would you post a full day’s/week’s worth of meals? Just to get an idea of how you get 42 meals a week out of $30 (assuming you both eat three times a day)?

  3. P says:

    If you check out the posts from the end of last January in this category:

    when we recorded a full week’s worth of meals.

  4. […] receipt up yet.  It has gotten lost in the shuffle, but we spent about $34 since we only spent $25.88 last week. Pa Jun (recipe adapted from the NY […]

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