Eating with The Wandering Foodie

A while ago, Phil and I were invited by Hagan (a.k.a. The Wandering Foodie) to participate in his 93 Plates Project.  Of course, we said yes (free food!).  Last Saturday, I ran a 10K in preparation for my lunch at  the Park Slope Chip Shop and still nearly died with the amount of fried food we consumed.

Hagan has a longer post up here, but here are my pics from the day.

Hard Cider and a Beer

Chip Shop Menu

Fried Pizza: just what you would expect.

Seriously lovely fish-n-chips.

Mushroom mac-n-cheese: heavy on the cheese

Fried Cherry Pie: Scary.


2 Comments on “Eating with The Wandering Foodie”

  1. Aimee says:

    That fried pizza looks so good even though its so bad! That mac and cheese oozing out of the ramekin brings a tear to my eye. LOL! :*-)

  2. Did you go to Hagan’s farewell party at Hill Country? If so, I’m sorry we missed each other!

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