And then I made a mistake.  Instead of changing the scale of my scanned receipt, I changed the page size.  I shred these things after I scan them, so…whoops!  Below is a cut-off version of a Whole Foods receipt – total spent there was $18.05.

Total for the week so far: $23.38


6 Comments on “Receipts!”

  1. Lacey says:

    i am jealous that your whole foods still sells portabello mushrooms by the pound; at my store they’re freaking $1.99 EACH.

  2. Brianna says:

    Thanks to you for your receipt hoarding and sharing! The “LOOSSE ONION” made me smile…and it’s been a crappy day…so thanks.

  3. tinaspins says:

    Don’t forget “Diacon” – supposedly daikon.

  4. Sarah says:

    Your co-op must allow you to purchase just one scallion or just one carrot? Your veggie prices and weights always seem much smaller than mine. I’m jealous! I always end up having to buy enough herbs or vegetables to feed a small army (for an absurd amount of money), and I’m just cooking for one. I have no idea how to use 8 sprigs of mint ($2) before it goes bad.

  5. tinaspins says:

    Sarah, we can purchase 1 carrot by weight, but scallions are usually done per bunch. My supermarket was having 2 bunches for $1 the day I bought those.

    As for using up herbs, dry (hang upside or check out this nifty method [] of using your microwave) or freeze them for later. Freezing mint in icecubes trays with water makes for a freshing cocktail or iced tea. Not exactly cold weather fare, but an impromptu mojito night is never out of the question.

  6. michelle says:

    Woah, I shop at that Pioneer supermarket too! I buy most of my produce at the produce stand on Flatbush btw. Clarkson and Lennox called Susie’s–very cheap and usually fresh.

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