Only Missing an Open Fire

For a holiday party we hosted last night, we decided to try roasting chestnuts for the first time. What with NYC fire codes, we had to settle for the oven. Here’s a guide for how to do it – pretty simple.

Peeling and eating them straight away is pretty good, though I imagine that the flavor from wood smoke would add a lot. I’ve also heard that the roasted, cracked nuts can be sauteed in butter and salted for a richer flavor.

What I’m wondering is; does anybody have any recipes that incorporate roasted chestnuts? I was thinking maybe they could be thrown in with a brussels sprouts roast. Or I seem to remember that it’s traditional to stuff game fowl with chestnuts. Maybe we could find a veggie analogue. Roasted chestnut-stuffed peppers? Cabbage?

Any ideas?


15 Comments on “Only Missing an Open Fire”

  1. Paola says:

    hey– i found you through a menu for hope link. last month i posted a recipe for chestnut-pear soup. it’s phenomenal and would make excellent use of your roasted chestnuts. let me know how it goes if you try it out!

  2. Ashley SP says:

    Seitan roulade with chestnut stuffing:

    Haven’t made it yet but a friend gave it rave reviews.

  3. mochapj says:

    I’ve made a really yummy mushroom and chestnut stuffing from All Recipes before;

    Just omit the turkey part of the recipe 🙂

  4. Sarah B says:

    There’s a chestnut nut roast in that post; I’ve never made it, but it sounds intriguing! 🙂

  5. hbw says:

    yummy, if decadent. if you already have the chestnuts, totally worth it. i hate peeling them, though.

  6. linda says:

    Love your site. Its brilliant
    just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Best Blog Award

  7. Lori Jablons says:

    Just found your blog, and I’m really digging it. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. Danielle says:

    A really good dessert with not roasted chestnuts, but chestnuts nonetheless:

  9. ceecee says:

    I made a chestnut pate adapted from the Veganomicon last year for a holiday party. Worked well, much better than most nut pates I’ve eaten.

  10. What about a yummy roast chestnut soup. I amde one for a yulefest/Christmas in July party once and served in shot glasses for an appetizer

  11. c. says:

    Someone once made me an amazing chestnut-and-port-filled ravioli (from scratch!) in a sage butter sauce. I don’t have the recipe anymore, but it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

  12. joan says:

    in china i had a chestnut and chicken dish with ginger that was really good. you could adapt it for no meat but it is a traditional northern chinese dish.

  13. monicascott says:

    There’s a piemonteis dessert dish called Bunette (sp?) that my mom has made for Christmas that incorporates chestnuts and chocolate and is somewhere between a cake and a pudding. I can give Tina the recipe next week if you want. It’s pretty amazing, though rather time intensive.

  14. selena says:

    Here in Japan, chestnut rice (kurigohan) is a popular fall dish. You can throw them in the rice cooker after giving ’em a soak.

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