The Mighty Have Fallen

We went over this week.  By 91-cents.  It was the olive oil that did it, but we really needed to buy some more.

I am taking off the price of the Garam Masala, as that is something we were asked to buy for Phil’s parents.  Still, we spent  $30.91 this week.

I hate it when that happens.



7 Comments on “The Mighty Have Fallen”

  1. maija says:

    You shouldn’t feel too bad – the olive oil will last you weeks and weeks. I think that would be the hard thing for me to budget week by week on food, as I tend to stock on a lot of something one week if it’s on a great sale (such as Tillamook cheese). It’s more than I will actually consume that week or month (and maybe more $ than I need to spend for that week’s food), but in the end I am saving $. Hope that makes sense!

  2. JAM says:

    mmm…. steel cut oatmeal!

    Do you use milk when you cook it? I need to find an alternative because I rarely have fresh milk.

    • tinaspins says:

      Hey JAM, we use water to cook our steel cut oats and then add a little bit of soymilk when we reheat at work. How do you cook yours? We are having some major issues with the pot overflowing with steel cut oat gunk.

  3. Aaron says:

    So I have a question. Do you ever feel like the 30/week budget actually constrains you from making fiscally responsible choices. I’m thinking that it would obviously be more economical to buy a huge jug of Greek Olive Oil at an import store, but that might bust your whole 30 dollar budget for the week even though it will save you in the long run.
    Do you ever feel a tension?

    • tinaspins says:

      Sometimes. I mean, since we shop at there Coop there are no sales to worry about, so if I want to buy a huge vat of olive oil, it will always be the same price. That said, when butter or something goes on sale at the local grocery store, it’s hard not to stock up. We generally don’t worry about things like that though.

    • P says:

      Hey Aaron,

      That’s actually a good point and one that I don’t think we consider all that often.

      Other than what Tina already said, I think my reaction is that you’re right – there are some things that we could probably buy cheaper in bulk, but don’t because our food budget is broken up into these small, weekly increments. In this sense, it might ultimately be more frugal if we simply budgeted, say, $120/mo, and could spend any of that money at whatever point made sense.

      Overall, though, I think that the reason that we don’t worry too much about this is that the budget we’re working with right now usually seems to strike a pretty comfortable balance between savings, nutrition, enjoyment, and convenience for us. In that sense, if we were looking for ways to trim a few more dollars off our budget, we’d probably look to areas other than food.

  4. Daniel says:

    It still doesn’t change the fact that after all of these months you can count on one finger the times you went over budget. I consider your track record amazing.

    And whenever anybody whines to me that it’s too expensive to eat a healthy, delicious and varied diet, I just send them to your blog.

    Casual Kitchen

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