Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

What are you doing with your leftovers?


2 Comments on “Happy Belated Thanksgiving!”

  1. Sandy says:

    We made turkey pot pies which used both turkey and gravy leftovers.

    Also made turkey soup, but of a different sort than usual. Imagine adding all the things you’d put into minestrone and then thinking “southwest” and adding roasted corn, chilis and assorted spices. We labeled the container “indecision soup” and look forward to enjoying it this winter.

    Leftover pie is never a problem as everyone knows it is a breakfast food and can disappear in a flash!

  2. Saryn says:

    We made the following meals with leftovers:

    Turkey/ Chedday Enchiladas (x 2 casseroles – 1 for freezer)

    Turkey Shepards Pie (nice way to use leftover veg and mash)

    Turkey Veggie Soup (made 2 meals plus 10 quarts in fridge)

    Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches over leftover biscuits (second meal of this was over leftover dresing)

    Cold Turkey Sandwiches (too many to list)

    Pumpkin pancakes topped with cranberry “syrup”

    And now we do not want to see a turkey again until next year. Also, next year I will freeze meal size packets of turkey for a quick protein add in the freezer. Hopefully that will keep up from getting tired of turkey!

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