Tummy Troubles

Tina has been struck down with some sort of stomach bug for the last couple of days, which has somewhat limited our cooking options. However, it has given us reason to produce a lot of stomach-soothing homemade herbal beverages, largely focused around ginger.

Boiling up a pot of water with just a handful of peeled, sliced ginger root will get you a warm and comforting ginger tea. Add a bit of sugar as it’s boiling if you prefer sweet tea. You can also add fresh mint, which is supposed to be good for the stomach (though not, apparently if you have heartburn).

Another option is to make some homemade ginger ale. For this, you’ll first need to make ginger syrup by boiling up equal parts sugar and water, also with peeled, sliced ginger. After letting the mixture boil for a few minutes, allow to cool, then mix a bit of syrup with seltzer to taste and you’ve got ginger ale. Store the extra syrup in the fridge, keeping the bits of ginger in for extra flavor.

If anybody has other stomach soothing suggestions, or ideas for fantastic bratt diet recipes, we’re all ears.


5 Comments on “Tummy Troubles”

  1. twoveganboys says:

    Hope you feel better. Stomach bugs are the worst.

  2. Robin says:

    How about congee or rice porridge? Basically it is soupy rice and you can add whatever sounds good. I’ve heard of but haven’t tried a pumpkin congee which sounds good.

    This recipe isn’t low-fiber but also sounds comforting for the tummy – japanese seven greens rice porridge – http://www.justhungry.com/brown-rice-and-green-tea-porridge-genmai-chagayu

  3. littlem says:

    Eat lots of rice. And chicken soup.

  4. jess says:

    I don’t know about the mint not being good for heartburn. I use it. Not as good as ginger or pickles – but it works.

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